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Individual Therapy Services

Patient Centered Individual Therapy

Struggling with depression, anxiety, or the simple but overwhelming demands of life? I would like to help. You identify the goal(s) for treatment and allow me to skillfully and effectively guide you towards success. In the process, learn about patterns of behavior that may have impeded your success and develop a better understanding of yourself in the process. The pace and frequency of individual therapy sessions are tailored to your goals and desired level of support.

Women's Health

I have the background and experience to skillfully treat the psychological needs of women coping with sexual trauma, family planning concerns, chronic pelvic pain, miscarriage or fetal death and postpartum depression. Common concerns of the women and couples that I have treated in the past include grief, anxiety and depression related to the infertility diagnosis or treatment; polycystic ovarian syndrome and recurrent loss. These concerns can be treated within the context of individual or couples therapy services.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT is an evidenced based treatment protocol developed specifically for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Having been intensively trained in DBT in 2001, I currently provide individual, skills groups and phone coaching treatment modalities (also know as Comprehensive DBT) and I am affiliated with a Rochester DBT consultation team. I work closely with other community DBT therapists to link patients and their families to the appropriate DBT resources in the Rochester area. Learn more about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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Couples and Family Therapy Services

Couples Therapy

When providing couples therapy, I utilize the Gottman method of marital therapy, having trained with the Gottman Insitute. This approach is a science-based, practical method that teaches couples skills that are highly generalizable. I am currently continuing my education with the Gottman Institute to hone my skills and stay abreast of latest research and developments in the field.

Family Therapy

An opportunity to deepen relationships with those closest to you; family therapy focuses on the relational system affecting your overall health and wellbeing. Family therapy is especially helpful for blended families, adoptive families, parents conceiving using assited reproductive technology, families experiencing grief or loss, parenting concerns, families experiencing a cut off or conflict between members, among others. All family members related to your concern are often included in the therapy process with your consent. You are encouraged to define the notion of 'family.' At times, patients include social supports from outside of the family whom they deem important in their life.

Adoptive Family Therapy

Preparing to adopt a child can be both an exciting and overwhelming time as you anticipate welcoming your new family member. Having someone help you navigate the emotional aspects of this life changing endeavor can be helpful in ensuring that you are making the best possible decisions for everyone involved. Many adoptive parents look for support and guidance around several key themes: making the decision to adopt, managing anxiety throughout the adoption process, talking to your child about their adoption story, parenting an adoptive child, blending adoptive and natural children, and resolving grief from previous losses, miscarraiges and/or family building efforts.

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Supervision Services

As an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy approved supervisor, I uphold the highest standards in supervision and clinical training. I completed my supervision training and subsequent apprenticeship in 2007 at the University of Rochester. Along with the development of clinical skills and case conceptualizations, I enjoy mentoring new clinicians as they realize their strengths and career goals.

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